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    Sarah Shull
    Routing 2nd truck role to same tech
    Topic posted October 2, 2019 by Sarah ShullRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Routing / Optimization 
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    Routing 2nd truck role to same tech
    What are steps to route second truck role to same tech as first

    What are the steps to take to have routing assign a work order to the same technician that was assigned to the first one and had attempted the work order previously?

    My customer has looked at the data, and we believe this could have positive impacts on their completion, duration, and customer service for jobs that require 2 truck rolls or more. These improvements should help increase profitability by eliminating additional truck rolls and reducing time spent on site. Obviously the system could not guarantee the same tech would roll, but there is room for improvement as it only happens 33% of the time currently.



    • Stewart Logan

      Have you considered resource preferences?

      Assuming your backend system can identify who attended the 1st visit, using the API in the above link to set a 'preferred' resource for the 2nd visit would meet your requirements.

    • Sarah Shull

      That certainly needs to be part of the solution. The challenge is getting the data into the back-end system. We'll have to store the last tech that went onsite in the back-end system and when the next activity is created we would look up the last activity and based on the business rules, determine if we need to fetch and add the last tech as required or preferred (assuming the last tech will be added).

      Then, if customer calls for the same issue and if the issue is within the last X days, we add the last tech out as preferred; if it is over X days we just create the activity without a preferred tech.