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    FAQ: Requisition PDF Feature
    Topic posted November 16, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 20, 2019, tagged FAQ, Requisition Processing 
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    FAQ: Requisition PDF Feature
    FAQ: Requisition PDF Feature

    Support and Customers

    I am providing a compilation of frequently asked questions around the Requisitions PDF document that is generated and attached to the Approval Notifications. The frequency and repetitive nature of these queries prompted this article. I hope this article helps as a first level triage for support and as a general FAQ for customers.

    A. When is the Requisition PDF first generated?

    The Requisition PDF is first generated when a requisition is created. As the requisition changes state (Pending Approval, Approved), the PDF transitions accordingly. 

    B. In what pages and flows is the PDF visible?

    You can view the PDF document from the Requisition Details (View page) as well as from the Edit Requisition pages. The Requisition Details allows you to view the document using the action View PDF. The Edit Requisition has a button with the same name. Note that if the requisition does not currently carry at least one line, the action is not visible from the Requisition Details page.

    In addition, the PDF document is also visible as an attachment in the Approval Notifications whether viewed through BPM or via Email.

    C. Why does the PDF document not show latest status in notifications?

    We get this question frequently. Customers wonder why the FYI notifications that are configured to be sent to users on approval of a requisition still contains a PDF attachment which displays the status as Pending Approval.

    This is because, the requisition PDF is attached to task when approval process starts. It is a static file and added to approval
    process as TO_APPROVER attachment. Attachment once created travels with the approval task and is visible to the subsequent approvers as-is. Consequently, the PDF document does not display status of the requisition in real-time

    D. I don't want the Requisition PDF to be attached to the approval notification. Can I accomplish that through configuration?

    The answer is No for Online Approval Notifications. The PDF we believe is the first level of documentation that is useful to the approver to understand the details of what is being requested. This as stated before is attached and sent with every notification. There is currently no design framework that would allow a customer to remove this as an attachment from the approval notificaiton

    E. I cannot see the attachment on my Email approval notification. However, the same attachment is visible via BPM. What am I missing? As an approver, I need the attachment when I approve via email.

    The display of an attachment on your email notification is controlled by the value of the mbean MaxSizeOfEmailAttachmentsInKB  visible from the EM console. You may  need to work with Cloud Ops to get this data and check the limit set. In many cases we have observed a very low limit (some even 0 KB) being set and any attachment with a file size greater than the value is not attached. So remember to check this setting if you encounter this issue.

    F. I cannot download the PDF attachment. I keep getting an error: "The File Was Not Downloaded Or Was Not
    Downloaded Correctly".

    The most common reason for this symptom is that the user has a custom role (Manage Requisition role), and to which role, the following also has to be made available: POR_MANAGE_REQUISITION_PRIV_OBI. Once you have assigned this role, you need to run the process: User and Roles Synchronization.

    G. Is the Requisition PDF customizable?

    Yes.  The requisition pdf is generated using BIP template which is customizable. Customers can use the file entitiled: RequisitionPDFGenerateReport.rtf to customize the layout, format and display content of the PDF. Some of the common customizations we have seen are adding a few attributes supported in the data model, adding a custom logo representing the buying organization, fixing the display of decimals on values across the document, etc. Remember to always create a new template that is copied from the seeded template. The seeded template is not to be tampered with.

    Do let us know if this article is helpful. Your feedback, questions and comments are always appreciated.



    • Nishanth B Jain

      Thanks for Sharing

    • Muhammad Bilal


      Regarding Point D. it's possible and we have already disabled the Requisition PDF in email notifications. 


      Navigate to Manage Task Configurations for Procurement => edit 'ReqApproval' => Notifications =>disable ' Send task attachments with email notifications' and save and commit and create requisition and test

    • Ashok

      Hi Muhammad

      Point D. was a bit more generic and referred to Online as well. I will clarify that explicitly.