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    Paul Rogers
    Filtering resources based on assigned work zones
    Topic posted March 11, 2019 by Paul RogersSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Configuration, Resource Management 
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    Filtering resources based on assigned work zones
    Identifying resources located outside of a bucket, but with temporary work zones assigned for that bucket

    With the introduction of functionality to assign temporary work zones to resources and the "use resources outside the capacity area" feature, it is now possible for a resource to contribute minutes to a different bucket in the resource tree to the one they are visibly located within.

    We are looking at trailing this functionality, and we need to ensure that our dispatch teams can see resources that they are able to assign activities in any work zone within a bucket, regardless of their position in the resource tree.  This would include resources able to be assigned work in multiple buckets at the same time, or where they will be moving buckets in the future but we need to plan their work in the new bucket before they move.

    I have tried to create filters based on resource assigned work zones with a view to applying them hierarchically at a higher level in the resource tree.  But if multiple work zones are chosen, the work zones are filtered based on a logical AND.  Is it possible to filter resources where they have at least one of a list of work zones assigned? 



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Paul,

      You need to chose "contains" over the "in".


    • Paul Rogers

      Hi Zslot,

      I tried both "In" and "Contains", and unless the resource has all the WZ for a bucket assigned the filter did not pick them up.

      The filter I'm looking to create would be applied hierarchically to the resource tree and show any resource that has WZ1, or WZ2, or WZ3, or WZ4 assigned.


      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        You right, I'm experiencing the same.
        I believe it's worth an SR, while "in" and "contains" works on activities without any issue.