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    Cristian Cisternas
    Custom Process in business rules
    Topic posted January 20, 2015 by Cristian CisternasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Custom Process in business rules

    This feature is nice:

    You can also add event handlers to use in rules, surveys, and campaigns. These event handlers do not need to be associated with the objects listed on the process designer

    In order for objects to display in the Execute Object Event Handler drop-down menu, they must be added on the process designer and then the process model must be deployed. See Adding object event handlers.

    The advantage is that you can use several CPM triggered by business rules.

    In addition:

    • It helps you control the event of execution.
    • Helps remove business logic in scripts
    • Lets call webservice from the business rule


    Nov 2014



    • Lakshmi Umapathiy

      Hi Cristian,

      Can you please explain how this can be done? I have added an event handler in the process designer and deployed it successfully. But how I can add that event handler in my business rule? I am not getting the listing of that event handler in the business rule. can you please advise what I would be missing?



    • Cristian Cisternas

      What is version you rightnow?

    • Lakshmi Umapathiy

      I am using Feb 15 version

    • Cristian Cisternas


      in the business rules, Action "THEN", external objects option , files list cpm.

    • Lakshmi Umapathiy

      Hi Cristian,

      I have tried that. But the even handler which I added in the process designer is not listed in the business rules external object handler.

      I had added the event handler in the process designer , saved , tested and deployed it. Not sure why it is not listing in the business rules. I am trying this in a site called ""

    • Cristian Cisternas

      The designer must be synchronous process does not work asynchronously on business rules.

      • Darrell Moore

        Does the testing have to be successful in order for it to show in the list of Event Handlers when adding to a rule?

        • Sebastiaan Draaisma

          The test has to be successful before you can even deploy your CPM. Your CPM will only be available after it has been deployed.
          Only after deployment will your CPM be visible in BR

    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Hi Cristian,

      How can we use webservice in CPM. Please share any sample code.