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    David Wright
    REST Suppliers Status failure
    Topic posted November 4, 2019 by David Wright, tagged Fusion, How-To, Supplier Creation 
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    REST Suppliers Status failure
    Trying to list a Status value on a Supplier POST REST action causes failure

    Creating a supplier via REST does not allow Status value to be set. If Status is listed in payload, regardless of value, request fails with status code 400

    Example from documentation with added Status line (
    "Supplier" : "Tall Manufacturing",
    "TaxOrganizationType" : "Corporation",
    "SupplierType" : "Services",
    "BusinessRelationship" : "Prospective",
    "DUNSNumber" : "221134568",
    "OneTimeSupplierFlag" : false,
    "TaxpayerCountry" : "United States",
    "TaxpayerId" : "98-03376373",
    "Status" : "ACTIVE" # IF THIS LINE IS PRESENT, REST POST FAILS with error: "Attribute Status in view object SupplierVO cannot be set."



    • Hong Gao

      The attribute Status is listed in the example of the response payload.  This is an example of what is returned after submitting a POST request to create supplier and the request was successfully processed. When submitting request to create supplier, this attribute is not directly set.  You can use InactiveDate attribute and the Status of the supplier will reflect accordingly.

      • David Wright

        Yes, it's listed as a response, but it's also listed in the body parameters in the request for the task:

        Status(optional): string

        Title: Status
        Maximum Length: 255
        Status of the supplier. Values include ACTIVE or INACTIVE.

        If it can't be set, why is it listed as one of the body parameters?

        If I can't set it when submitting a request to create, what other method can I use to change it's value?