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    Aishwarya Pawar
    Adding site assignments to a supplier site.
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited November 20, 2019, tagged How-To, Supplier Profile Management 
    Adding site assignments to a supplier site.
    How do I successfully add site assignments to a supplier site

    A supplier site is always created in the context of a Procurement BU. This association allows Procurement BU to set terms, controls, and policies which govern how procure to pay transactions are executed between its Client BUs and the supplier.

    A supplier site can have one or more site assignments and site assignments indicate which Client BUs can transact with the site in question.

    Creating site assignments is a crucial step for suppliers to be able to transact with the buying organization. For example, a supplier cannot be specified on a purchase order if a site and site assignment in the correct Procurement BU and Client BU respectively are not defined on the supplier profile.

    It is mandatory to specify a Client BU on a site assignment as shown in the screenshot below:

    If for some reason your Client BU is not available to be selected, you will need to verify the following:

    1. A service provider - client relationship exists between the Procurement BU of the supplier site and the Client BU you want to use on the supplier site assignment.

    NOTE: To view the relationship, navigate to the Manage Business Unit task in Setup and Maintenance and look for the Client BU.  Access the Manage Service Providers action and confirm that the Procurement BU is listed under Procurement Service Providers as shown in the screenshots below.


    2. The Client BU has either a Requisitioning or Payables Invoicing business function.

    NOTE: To view the business functions assigned to the Client BU, access the Assign Business Functions action as shown in the screenshot below and verify that the Client BU has one of the functions listed above.


    3. The Procurement BU and Client BU are active.