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    Sudarshan Srivatsan
    How can Enrichment Rules be used to automate a work order...
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Sudarshan SrivatsanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Internal Material Transfer, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    How can Enrichment Rules be used to automate a work order creation from a Transfer Order
    Enrichment Rules to auto-create Work Order upon Transfer Order creation


    Is there a way to setup Enrichment Rules to automate the creation of a work order upon the creation of a transfer order. I see there is an option in the DO condition of the Enrichment Rule to either Ship Through  Order Management or set Work Order Status. 

    Does setting the Work Order Status in the DO condition automatically create a Work Order if a Transfer Order is created (based on the Source and Destination Orgs setup in the If Condition) 

    Any help / insight on this feature would be helpful. 





    • Megan Kirkham

      HI Sudarshan - the Work Order Status enrichment rule determines if work orders are created in Released or Unreleased status.  The Ship Through Order Management rule determines if transfer orders are created and tracked through the Order Management work bench instead of just being visible in the Inventory screens.  Neither of these will automatically create a work order upon the creation of a transfer order.

      Can you give a little more information on your business scenario/use case?

      • Sudarshan Srivatsan

        Hi Megan,

        Thanks for your response, appreciate it. 

        So if I understand this correctly, the Enrichment Rules Setup does not automatically interface a Transfer Order to WIP (the way it does to OM when
        the 'Ship Through Order Management' option is selected). 

        The work order relate Enrichment Rule is independent of a Transfer Order and can also be used for work orders in general i.e. standalone, back-to-back related work orders etc. 

        Would you therefore have any generic examples or guidelines to follow for a work order related Enrichment Rule, for example WO related to specific INV Orgs only.