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    Jeroen Sprangers
    'Display in Supplier Profile' not showing in Manage...
    Topic posted December 12, 2016 by Jeroen SprangersBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Setup 
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    'Display in Supplier Profile' not showing in Manage Catalogs page
    'Display in Supplier Profile' not showing in Manage Catalogs page

    In our test environment we have setup catalogs. 
    In the manage Catalog under configuration we see the checkbox 'Display in Supplier Profile'. 

    When setting up Production we are not seeing this checkbox. 
    See also the attached screenshots of both instances. 

    Question: what is driving the visibility of the checkbox? 




    • Ramesh Bomma

      Hi Jeroen,

      Can you please confirm do you see this issue on production for the same category Facilities Management?

      Display in Supplier Profile is shown only for categories in the context of a catalog that is the default catalog for the Purchasing functional area


    • Jeroen Sprangers

      Hi Ramesh,

      Yes in production in Facilities Management i have the same issue. In our test instance the checkbox is showing for all values, in production for none.


      Where can i see what the default catalog is for the Purchasing functional area?

      We are only using 1 catalog. Do i need to make this default somewhere in the setup?

    • Jeroen Sprangers

      We also check the 'manage default catalogs' task. However in that task for Purchasing we tried to search for our catalog but it is not showing in the LOV.

      So we can't select it as a default catalog.

    • Jeroen Sprangers


      Thanks. We now managed to first assign a default category (which is not mandatory). After that we could assign the default catalog.

      After that the checkbox shows up.


      So the issue is solved but for us it is unlogic that it is mandatory to fill a field which is not mandatory in order to get access to this.