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    Deepika Nathany
    Auto PO Creation for Catalog Request
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Deepika NathanySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition 
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    Auto PO Creation for Catalog Request

    For a Catalog Request to be touchless -- Is having an agreement the only way?

    I wanted to created a touchless catalog request (Very similar to the Non Catalog) -- Be able to choose a Supplier while placing the catalog request.

    **We are using Item Master Items -- So we dont have an agreement. 

    The price right now is coming from the Item Master. 

    Also the Negotiated flag -- we wanted to check if it honours the negotiation required on the Item Master.

    I enabled the Negotiation Required flag on Item Master as NO. (to kind of say that the price is negotiated).

    Wanted to choose a supplier and place the catalog REQ. But when i went to place the Order -- I realised in the catalog Request -- I dont even have a Supplier Field to enter.

    It this how the intented functionality or is there a way I can choose supplier in a Catalog REQ.

    So the only way to create Touchless for a Catalog REQ would be have a Agreement ?



    • Ashok

      Hi Deepika

      What do you mean by a Catalog Request?

      Are you referring to the Shopping Flow where you search for an item and add to cart and submit?

      Have you tried the Enter Requisition Line flow?

      • Deepika Nathany

        I mean the Shop by Category Option on the left side of the REQs page.

        We wanted to shop based on categories.


        Yes we have tried the Enter REQ line -- and that works -- But for some items -- we want to put them in categories to be chosen by employees.

        Is there way to have REQs from category based shopping to be touchless without having an agreement.

    • Sumana Sarkar

      Hi Deepika,

      It is possible to achieve touchless buying without an agreement. But, as you noted,  you would need to have valid supplier details entered on the line (in addition to the line being marked as Negotiated).

      For a catalog based shopping, we do not expect a simple Procurement Requester to know the vendor to source the item from, so he/she is not allowed to update anything else on the line other than the line Quantity..So, you would not be able to achieve touchless buying without an agreement for shopping based on a local catalog flow. Advanced Procurement Requesters have a lot more flexibility in terms of what details they can update on a requisition line and can continue using Enter Requisition Line page to achieve this functionality.

      Thanks and Regards


      • Deepika Nathany

        Thanks Sumana...  

        Your answer helps to understand the idea behind the design of the product.

        Thanks Ashok -- You have always been very prompt in answering questions on this forum. Appreciate it!!!!

    • Mara Prieto

      Hi Deepika,

      In addition to what Sumana replied, the alternative is to use FBDI.
      With FBDI, you can provide a master item, set the Negotiated flag to Y, and provide supplier and supplier site which are required for a PO. You also need to set the Configure Procurement Business Function Option "Autogenerate orders from requester-negotiated requisition lines". This should automate the creation of your PO for master items and description-only items as well.
      Please note that without a CPA, the PO created this way will be automatically submitted for approval.

      Hope this helps