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    Jagan Akula
    Could you please provide rest API for partial picking lines...
    Topic posted August 28, 2019 by Jagan Akula, tagged How-To, Integration, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration, White Paper 
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    Could you please provide rest API for partial picking lines of the sales order?
    We have a multiple integration with the third party warehouses, I have tried below api is working fine but not for partial picking.




    • Lynn Warneka

      Please give some more details on your use case.  Also. Oracle recommends that for 3PL integration - there is no picking done in Inventory Management Cloud.  All picking would be done in the 3PL and ship confirm transactions would be sent back to Oracle to decrement inventory.  

    • Divya Panuganti

      Lynn, we have a scenario where the 3PL integration has been mapped to a subinv not for the entire inv org. in this case, can you recommend the specific webservices we can use to pick and ship by order. 

      We have so far explored SOAP services, but are open to REST API as well. 

      Many thanks!