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    Sombit Chakraborty
    CoBrowse between Agent and End User
    Topic posted October 10, 2019 by Sombit ChakrabortyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited October 10, 2019, tagged Designer Usage 
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    CoBrowse between Agent and End User


    I have setup Co Browse using the livelook website. Got the link to appear on the DCS based VBCS page.

    The Co Browse link appears on the bottom right corner of the page.

    How do I make sure the agent is able to Co Browse with the end user.

    Thank You,



    • Sombit Chakraborty

      Any help here.

    • Paul Encarnacion


      The agent can login to Engagement Cloud;

      Navigate to Service > Service Requests

      Then click the Actions drop down and select “Start Co-Browse”, or something like that. I’m not in front of my desktop right now so not sure if that’s the precise string.

      the agent then needs to type in the session id provided by the customer.

    • Sombit Chakraborty


      I think we got it to work. The agent has to install Co Browser client/launcher in your local desktop
      Use the 6 digit number from the end user Co Browse add in widget on the VBCS page.

      Thank You,

    • Paul Encarnacion


      I'm not sure what you mean by "The agent has to install Co Browser client/launcher in your local desktop".

      The Engagement Cloud UI already supports Co-Browse inherently, by ...

      • Logging in as an agent (Customer Service Representative);
      • Navigate to Service > Service Requests;
      • Click on the "Actions" drop down on the right side of the screen;
      • Select the "Launch Co-browse" option
      • Enter the agent's name and the Access Code from the customer, and click "Connect"

      If you got it working and are able to see the co-browsing session with a customer, then great.