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    Tip: Requisition Number Maximum Supported Length
    Topic posted June 14, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Tip 
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    Tip: Requisition Number Maximum Supported Length
    Tip: Requisition Number Maximum Supported Length


    Chalk this down to fun fact or a simple tip. I got a customer forum post from Support that simply asked what the Requisition Number's maximum permitted length was.


    1. Configure Requisition numbers using the FSM Task: Configure Procurement Document Numbering

    2. Remember this configuration is a common setup applicable to all procurement documents and so the configuration for a given document may be different than another

    3. The number can contain the following parts:

    i) Prefix (30 char)

    ii) Next Number

    iii) Suffix (30 char)

    4. The maximum length you can define is 30 char. That means if a customer chooses to use all 3 parts, the total number length cannot exceed 30.

    This is what the customer wanted to understand. This is good to remember for any potential future questions from customers. While this may not be a common question, it might still be something for the archives. 

    Now, why is this design so?

    Basically, the design is on the premise that 30 characters is more than sufficient to track numbering for the requisitions document. Not many customers tend to use prefix and suffix and so the likelihood of running out of numbers due to exceeded length is almost negligible based on what we have seen from customers.


    If you have any observations to share, please feel free to do so. I do hope this little tip as innocuous as it might be, is still helpful.