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    Santosh Kale
    Lot Split Functionality during work order completion
    Topic posted April 14, 2019 by Santosh KaleRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Work Execution 
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    Lot Split Functionality during work order completion
    Lot Split Functionality during work order completion

    Good Day Gurus,

    We have a requirement where the cable is purchased say in 100 KM and the client cuts the cable and sells in different lengths.

    Client wants a functionality to trace back from which original cable the piece was cut and how much length is left in the original cable.

    As each cable bought is unique in feature we decided to store the features of the cable in Lot attributes, use the WO functionality to cut the cable, but the challenge is as we could not find the lot split functionality we are unable to move forward.

    Q1) Which release will the Lot Split functionality be available in oracle cloud ?

    Q2) Is there any other better way of handling the above requirement ?


    Thanks and Regards





    • Aravindan Sankaramurthy

      A few follow up questions - 

      1. When the cable is cut and sold in different lengths, are they sold under the same item number or different item numbers?

      2. Are you referring to lot split functionality in inventory or manufacturing work order? Currently there is no target release for the lot split functionality.

      3. It will help if you a provide a detailed example of the use case you are trying to model so that suggestions can be provided.