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    Sridhar Tumati
    Unable to see Process Monitor under General Accounting...
    Topic posted August 5, 2019 by Sridhar TumatiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Financials, General Ledger 
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    Unable to see Process Monitor under General Accounting Dashboard after upgrade to 19C
    Unable to see Process Monitor under General Accounting Dashboard and Journals

    Hi Team,

    After upgrade to 19C, I am unable to see the "Process Monitor" under General Accounting Dashboard.






    • Karthikeyan Sukumar

      Hi Sridhar- Yes that is intended functionality now in 19C. Since the GA Dashboard is the one to show only GL related subjects and no need to show the Process Montior under this dashboard. Now only Oracle cleaned up this features

      You need to go to scheduled process to check for any process status




    • Jon Hayes

      Hi Sridhar,

      After 19C, we are also missing the Process Monitor section on both General Accounting Dashboard, and also on the Journals screen.

      The Release Readiness documents highlighted improvements to both screens in terms of performance, however it was related to approvals and made no mention of this being removed (if intended).

      Kind Regards,


    • Prithis Das

      Having the Process Monitor in the General Accounting Dashboard and the Journals work area was actually a good thing. I am not sure why Oracle decided to take this away, and certainly this is not documented as a new "enhancement" in 19C. Now you need to navigate to yet another screen to see the status of scheduled processes, and that means a few more clicks.


      • Karthikeyan Sukumar

        You need to get used to this and this is the best in practice.

        If you no need to have more clicks then make the process monitor in the favorites and which is much more easier then before one



        • Prithis Das

          I have to disagree. Making an useful section go away for no reason cannot be termed as "best practice".

          • Karthikeyan Sukumar

            You cannot have the useful section in the incorrect area.Process monitor cannot tagged to GA dashboard

            Since you have used to the easier one, your unable agree this "best practice"



    • Mary Williams

      Can anyone provide the link to the documentation from Oracle that definitively says this WAS an intended removal of functionality with 19C?  And any direction as to how to return this to the journals screen, via a screen customization or other configuration? 

      We have just gone live and trained users to come here to ensure their journals uploaded successfully.  We also want users to only be able to view results of system generated processes, as a general control.  We removed access to Manage Scheduled Processes from the Employee role, and did not want to add that back to all users.  This allows us to ensure the accounting users are not running processes they are not authorized to run or setting schedules (which they could do from Scheduled Processes under Tools)

      One other interesting note.... I have identified one user who DIDNT lose this region on the Journals screen after 19C, but all others did....  Any thoughts as to how to track this down as to what is different about that user vs others with the same roles?



    • Prithis Das

      I did not see any note that says that this was intended to be removed in 19C. However, there may be a solution. Try this first in a Test instance.

      1. Create a Sandbox (from the Manage Sandboxes menu)

      2. Activate the Sandbox. Make sure that the Sandbox is active.

      3. Navigate to the General Accounting Dashboard.

      4. From the dropdown menu on the user name (Settings and Actions), select Edit Pages menu.

      5. On the right side you will see a series of small black and white icons. Select the icon that looks like a wrench (Edit) just below "Change Layout". This should open up a window with a number of rows. Note: There are two Edit icons, make sure you select the upper one.

      6. See if the row named Process Monitor is checked or not. If unchecked, go ahead and check this. Click on Ok.

      7. Scroll down and verify if you can see the Process Monitor.

      8. Close the Edit interface by clicking on the Close button.

      8. Publish the Sandbox. Verify the results by re-logging in and navigating to the General Accounting Dashboard.

      9. If this works, migrate to Production.

      I was able to make the Process Monitor disappear and reappear in a 19B instance. You can try and see if this works in 19C.

    • Vikash Sethi

      Thanks for providing your inputs. I read through this and was about to implement this but raised SR and got the better solution as follows without personalizing as follows:-

      Posting here to help all our folks.

      By default the Process Monitor region will be hidden from release 19C, this will significantly improve the performance of loading GAM Dashboard and Journals Workarea. You can check the process directly in Scheduled processes"

      Steps to enable the Process Monitor:

      1. Navigated to Step and Maintenance.
      2. Searched for 'Manage General Ledger Lookup Values' task.
      3. Search for lookup type 'ORA_GLFUN_WA_DISPLAY_OPTIONS'.
      4. Uncheck the enabled checkbox for lookup code
      5. Click on Save.
      6. Click on Cancel.
      7. Logout and Log back in.
      8. Retest the issue.