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    Prasanna Reka
    Project to GL Reconcillaition Dashboards Ideas
    Topic posted November 7, 2017 by Prasanna RekaSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Project Management, Tip 
    Project to GL Reconcillaition Dashboards Ideas
    Project to GL Reconcillaition Dashboards Ideas

    Projects to GL Reconciliation is always a challenge as accounting for project transactions will flow to GL from different sources and often clubbed with nonProject related transactions Ex: AP Invoices. We are exploring ways to create simple but powerful dashboard to assist PA to GL reconciliations irrespective of sources.

    Some Notes:

    • Reconcile by Source
    • Keep Project Accounts separate as much as possible
    • Project AP Invoices posted to GL from AP - we are using separate accounts for Project related AP Transactions so we can write report in GL with Payables Source and use accounts as filter to segregate project amounts. This may not be always possible if we have same accounts used we may need to create custom BI report with sub ledger cross references.
    • Project Inventory Misc Transactions posted to GL from Inv : Same as Above
    • Third Party Project Transactions (Accounted) - Not an Issue
    • Third Party Project Transactions ( Unaccounted) - Not an Issue

    Any ideas on project reconciliations to GL, sharing what we are doing appreciate new ideas as we want to improvise this process as much as we can.