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    [Under Oracle Review] Provide the ability to restore Job...
    Idea posted April 30, 2018 by Eric VanAukenBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 1, 2020 by Julio Marquez ORACLEBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Advanced Learning, Assessments/Surveys, Assignments/Gradebook, Categories, Communications, Control Center, Courses/Classes, Dynamic Objects/Group Filters, eCommerce, Enrollments, External Training, ILT, Learning, Learning Object Manager, Prerequisites, Public Sector, Release Communications, Reporting, Resource Manager, Social, Sub Learning Centers, Users, VILT, Workflows 
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    [Under Oracle Review] Provide the ability to restore Job Profiles
    In the learn center if a Job Profile is deleted you have to open an SR to restore the Job Profile
    Use Case and Business Need:

    Can the system treat Job profiles like learning plans and training offerings in the sense that if someone accidentally deletes a Job Profile that the administrator can come in and restore it?    


    This has happened a few times to us due to wrong rights trickling down to our regional leads.   I have had to reach out to Oracle (who did a great Job) to revive the Job Profiles.   It took a bit of time to do and I believe that this is something that should be able to be handled by an Admin.


    Can this be something that the Admin is given rights to do?

    Under Oracle Review



    • Eric VanAuken

      Have any of you run into this issue?   Why would this be reserved only to Oracle folks to fix?