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    Shivani Roy
    How to display the external Supplier Registration pages in...
    Topic posted August 30, 2018 by Shivani RoyBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup, Supplier Registration, Tip 
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    How to display the external Supplier Registration pages in different languages
    Buying organizations deal with suppliers who interact in languages other than that of the buying organizations. This requires buying organizations to provide potential suppliers with the registration


    The administrator can access the setup tasks in the following steps from the Setup and Maintenance work area.

    Step 1: Identify the installed languages.

    The key to changing the language for the Supplier Registration pages is to find the corresponding Language Tag in the setup task ‘Manage Languages’. Choose to display only the languages installed by using the ‘Installed’ drop down under the Search region. Translation can be done only for installed language packs.

    Note down the ‘Language Tag’ value for the languages in which the pages need to be rendered. 


    Step 2: Append language to the Supplier Registration URL.

    Pick up the external Supplier Registration URL from the setup task ‘Configure Procurement Business Function’. Please note that the setup task access is Procurement BU specific and therefore the Supplier Registration URLs are also Procurement BU specific.


    The URLs picked up will be in the format:

    Prospective Supplier Registration: https://<host>/fscmUI/faces/PrcPosRegisterSupplier?prcBuId=<value>

    Spend Authorized Supplier Registration:


    To render the URL in the required language, append the language tag noted earlier to the end of the registration URL in the format: &lang=<Language Tag Value>

    https://<host>/fscmUI/faces/PrcPosRegisterSupplier?prcBuId=<value>&lang=<Language Tag Value>

    E.g: https://<host>/fscmUI/faces/PrcPosRegisterSupplier?prcBuId=<value>&lang=es

    Point to note:

    • The language tag should be given as it is and not be enclosed in quotes or brackets.

    Buying organizations can append the URL with required language before sending it to potential suppliers. Alternatively, if the URL’s is published on the buying organization’s website they can publish multiple URLs pointing to different languages.


    Snapshot of external Supplier Registration page in translated language Spanish.




    • Ramesh Bomma

      Thanks Shivani, have a question

      Customers Buying Organization language is Spanish

      they use Registration link with language code as spanish

      But the following notifications are sent in English is there a way to change these notifications to Spanish Language

      - Supplier Registration is approved - Notification is sent in English
      - Supplier user account is created Welcome email - Notification is sent out in English
      - Supplier Contact user is created - Notification is sent out in English
      - Another email sent out with user account details - Notification is sent in right language - Spanish




      • Piyush Singh

        Hi Ramesh,

        1. Can you share the screenshot for customer's base language?

        2. Can you confirm the language of other internal notifications?