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    Ramesh Choudhary
    How can we create MAPE Metrics out of Waterfall Analysis...
    Topic posted September 11, 2019 by Ramesh ChoudharyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Demand Management Cloud, How-to, Planning Central Cloud, Tip, User Experience 
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    How can we create MAPE Metrics out of Waterfall Analysis Output
    How can we create MAPE Metrics out of Waterfall Analysis Output

    We are archiving the Demand Plan every week and generating new forecast.

    Hence we are able to see the waterfall analysis for example measure-->Bookings Forecast 1 week ago. (Moving forward we will be able to see 2 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago as well)

    Now based on these Waterfall analysis results, we want to build the MAPE Metrics by comparing Bookings History with Bookings Forecast 1 week ago. so that we can see the Weekly Accuracy in the Demand Plan. (Attached screenshot for reference)

    I think seeded functionality does not show up MAPE Metrics for Weekly Waterfall analysis results.

    Can anyone please let us know the approach which we should take to build MAPE Metrics for displaying Weekly Accuracy in the table.

    Please let me know if anymore information is required.

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    • Dina Jacobs - SCP Customer Direct

      Hello Ramesh!!

      Have you tried checking box for Use Map Calculation in Waterfall Analysis.



      • Ramesh Choudhary

        Hi Dina,

        Thanks for your reply.

        We have tried the standard MAPE Calculation feature, but this is displaying the MAPE, MAD and BIAS for item and Org combination but not by time dimension.

        what we want is to calculate forecast error by time dimension:


        Forecast Error = Bookings Forecast : 1 week ago  -  Bookings History

                                  =   3867  -  386  (Please refer Above screenshot)

        Can you please let us know if we can use "Bookings Forecast : 1 week ago" in the measure expression editor.

        If yes, What function needs to be used in measure expression?

        The Measure "Bookings Forecast : 1 week ago" is generated as part of waterfall analysis and looks like this is technically not an measure in 'Manage Planning Measures' task as we cannot find it.

        Can you please help us with our doubts.





    • Prashul Agrawal

      Hi Ramesh,

      The MAPE calculated using seeded measures it time independent. If you need time dependent, you need to create custom measure having MAPE function in the expression and passing the required measures in its syntax.

      You can take archive 1 week ago, 2 week ago and refer in custom measures similar to seeded Monthly measures.