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    Prithis Das
    R12 upgrade experiences
    Topic posted May 6, 2017 by Prithis DasBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Configuration, Core HR, Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Reports, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting, Tip, Update 
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    R12 upgrade experiences
    Requesting real life experiences from the recent R12 upgrade

    Hello everyone

    I am requesting other customers/consultants who have gone through a R12 upgrade on ERP Cloud in Test and/or Prod to share their experiences here. This may help the rest of the user community in their own upgrade projects. Specifically:

    1. Any issues faced

    2. Things to look out for

    3. Feedback on Security Console (and lack of OIM and APM)

    4. Payment Approval Workflow

    5. Multi Period Accounting (supposed to have been backported to R12)

    6. Any other lessons learned.





    • Soumya Parhi

      In UK region most of the upgrades are cancelled because of Infrastructure issues . Oracle is working on the same and there is no specific ETA for the same. This causes a delay in upgrading from 11 to 12 in mostly UK specific PODs.

    • Soumya Parhi

      Multi Period Accounting is working great in Release 12 and there is no additional system configuration change is expected if one doesnot want to change the proration formula . Two proration formulas are seeded by Oracle , one is to prorate the expenses based on number of days and the other one is for proration based on number of periods. This can be done in either on the invoice lines or distributions.

      This is a great functionality especially when it comes to utility bill payment (e.g. Rent , Lease etc.)

      • Prithis Das

        This is excellent news! I am looking forward to testing and implementing this functionality. My only concern is that if it is officially in R13 and not R12, will Oracle support this if a customer implements this functionality in R12?

        Did you create any SRs with Oracle while implementing this functionality, and what was Oracle's response to the SR?

    • Soumya Parhi

      Security console is now a complete simple and user friendly UI that helps in comparing 2 roles , find the privileges and create custom role / duplicate it without much effort. Its a bus like structure that assists / guides the users on the steps they need to follow while creating a custom role.

      It provides a graph that shows how the role carries the privileges. Its been so simple now , if one wants to just take out a specific privilege then they just need to copy / create a custom role and remove the privilege they want and assign it new custom role to the user. This is just similar to EBS Menu function functionality.

    • Soumya Parhi

      There is a bug that has been identified on the Film Strip , where the icons are not visible. Will be fixed in monthly patch release.

    • Naveen Kumar

      Security console is easy and user friendly as compared to EBS. My end users were excited about the new look and features

    • afton liu

      hi,you can view the Cloud Release Readiness

    • Victoria Marinucci

      This is a really good topic and I would love to hear from more people who upgraded early.

      My Team - who is going live with Oracle Financials ERP in early July - upgraded in April. Perhaps my experience is more applicable to new users who have not implemented yet.

      1. We faced many issues with the esscube and configuration sheets taking hours to days to complete. This impeded on our testing. Similarly, we had some bugs connected to OBIA that prevented us from extracting data from the cloud, but are now resolved as of June. Otherwise, just lots of S2 Cloud bugs with reports not drilling down and showing certain data that added up to frustration.

      2. See above.

      3. We initially configured our environment the old way with our consultants. The consultants agree that the Security Console is superior and has been a nice addition.

      4. N/A

      5. Nothing.

      6.  In summary, my team will be wiser about upgrading later on during the upgrade as we experienced a lot of bugs that delayed testing and configurations. My team has been pretty down at times as bugs kept delaying configs and testing + difficult to get clear action plans and timelines. Again, perhaps for someone up and running, these issues are less of a nuisance.


      Any other folks upgrade early? Any advice for  my team on upgrades in the future? Thanks!

    • Duane DeBique

      We are planning our upgrade now and I appreciate any tips and tricks users have had with regression testing existing functionality since we are already live.

    • MShrini

      We are also planning to upgrade but I am not able to find Sandbox function.   If I want to upload the existing (R11) sandbox customization to R12 what process we need follow in R12?