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    Austin Keller
    Use "address" as bundling key and create bundling...
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by Austin KellerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Routing / Optimization 
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    Use "address" as bundling key and create bundling key only automated-routing
    We want to create a routing profile that will add more weight to bundling than address coordinate

    I have seen a few similar posts in the past, but not any definitive answers or solutions.

    Our subsidiary averages 4% coordinates found on addresses.  This is a government level issue and address verification will not be immediately resolved.

    As a work around, each technician/group has a personalized work zone. Within each work zone, communities are grouped by terminal (like GR 10, GR 5, ...). We write the terminals to the 'address' and enabled visit functionality with 'address' as bundling key.  Unfortunately, we still have activities autorouted that are not grouping the terminals (addresses). 

    For example; Activity1.address = TB4, Activity2.address = TB4, Activity3.address = TB7, Activity4.address = TB7, Activity5.address = TB4

    This seems to be due to some algorithm that Oracle developed for routing by address. The postalCode is also not used, so I have recently started writing the terminal to the address and postalCode.  Has anyone developed a routing profile to give preference to bundling and reduce weight of found addresses?

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      We have the similar functionality requested to route the activities belong to same customer to one Tech, the plan is to use bundling but looking into this question it sounds like there is issue. Has this been resolved? We tried this got inconsistent results, ones it has assigned all the same address activities on tech and second time it does not.