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    Shravan Damamkar
    FCCS Level0 Data Export options.
    Topic posted October 30, 2019 by Shravan DamamkarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Dimensions, Tip 
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    FCCS Level0 Data Export options.
    Only Dense dimension in columns - Account.

    When we export data from FCCS 'Application Overview' -> 'Export data' option, it works only if we have Account in column because thats the only Dense dimension available, The out put file has all the accounts listed in columns, more than 500 accounts and we are not able to use the file for our internal reporting or reconciliation or any other purpose.  
    We were hoping to change the dimension type from Sparse to Dense for Period so we can have Accounts in rows and periods in columns but the option to change the dimension type is disabled.

    As an other option, we also tried creating calc manager rule with essbase data export SET commands but it threw an error "Cannot use restricted essbase SET command options: "DATAEXPORTOPTIONS"

    Smartview retrieval and FR report options are ruled out as the output rows are exceeding the limit.

    We have created an Oracle SR and we were told to post this question on customer connect.






    • Kim Champion

      Have you looked at creating a data export in data management?  That will also export the financial numbers and accounts won't have to be in the columns, but it will be for one period and year at a time.

    • Ankur Jain


      We also have used data management and you can export multiple months in one file by executing the data management by specifying start period to end period. Note that it will only export one currency at a time. if you want to export data for entity and reporting currency at the same time then you cant differentiate the data as currency column does not come in workebench / export file.



    • Duygu Becermen

      We are using Data Management export as well. The best way to export and move the data from one application to another when required.

      Also the files are meaningful when you need to analyse what's in the system. It is possible to put filters in the export if you need to look at anything specific.

    • Shravan Damamkar

      If its working for you all... that means i did something wrong, but i can't quite figure it out...

      Data-Management exports duplicate rows, each row is showing up three times...

      your suggestions will be much appreciated.