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    Laura Spinelli
    Set custom menu on UI extension
    Topic posted November 5, 2019 by Laura SpinelliRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Set custom menu on UI extension

    Hi guys!

    I am trying to set a custom field that is a menu related to Accounts on a BUI extension and it is not working. My code is bellow. Incident.IMOVEL$RESPONSAVEL is my custom field.

    Thanks for the help!

    Code Snippet:



    • Robert Surujbhan

      Hi Laura, the issue is the field name.  When calling updateField() on the workspace record, try it without the .ID at the end. 

      Assuming the id_assigned variable has a valid integer value, this should work:

      workspaceRecord.updateField('Incident.IMOVEL$RESPONSAVEL', id_assigned);
    • Laura Spinelli

      Hi Robert, 

      I tried setting the field without the .ID too and it didnt work as well..