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    Tu Lam
    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject area Description...
    Topic posted August 18, 2017 by Tu LamBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited March 13, 2018, tagged Asset Tracking, Costing, Innovation Management, Installed Base, Inventory, Maintenance, Manufacturing, OBIEE Answers, Order Management, OTBI, Pricing, Procurement, Product Development, Product Information Management-PIM, Quality – Inspections, Quality – Issues and Actions, Reporting and Analytics, SCM, Supply Chain Collaboration, Supply Chain Common Components, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration-SFO, Supply Chain Planning 
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    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject area Description documentation
    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject area Description documentation

    This documentation is published by Oracle OTBI development.  This document provides users a functional understanding of SCM and Procurement subject areas - what they contain, key business questions that can be answered with the analyses built using the subject areas, the primary navigation paths in the application UI that contain information related to specific subject areas, and other useful information.  This document also contains information on the duty and job roles that provide access to each subject area.
    The spreadsheets apply to SCM and Procurement R13.