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    Shailesh Dubey
    Webservice and Sample payload for receiving In-transit...
    Topic posted November 27, 2018 by Shailesh DubeyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Webservice and Sample payload for receiving In-transit Shipment
    Webservice and Sample payload for receiving In-transit Shipment.

    We are integrating Cloud WMS with Fusion Inventory. For this we need to create Receipt against an In-transit shipment. All our items are either Lot or Serial controlled. Can someone please provide the sample payload and webservice details to complete this transaction in fusion receiving. 

    Fusion R13, Cloud WMS 9.0.0



    • Lynn Warneka

      Can you please provide the documentation link for the web service you are using?  We have both REST and SOAP services.  

      • Shailesh Dubey

        Hi , 

        I don't have the webservice details and that's what i am looking for. We need Webservice to receive In-transit shipment for lot controlled item. Can you please provide me the details on which webservice we can use for this case. Please provide SOAP and REST both details.  

      • Shailesh Dubey

        We had planned to use below- but it does not have any lot and serial data that i can input. 

        <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
         <ns2:EmployeeName>Stock Pat</ns2:EmployeeName>
         <ns2:Quantity unitCode="">1</ns2:Quantity>


        • Niamath Jeddy

          I think you will need to add this to your payload. 

          If both Lot and serial controlled:

          <ns2:TransactionQuantity unitCode="">2</ns2:TransactionQuantity>


          If just lot controlled:

          <ns2:TransactionQuantity unitCode="Ea">2</ns2:TransactionQuantity>

          If just serial controlled:



          You can refer the SDO definitions contained receiving transaction sdo here:


    • Pallavi V

      for sample Payloads for webservices use below KM document :

      Fusion Receiving External Webservices Documentation With Sample Payloads (Doc ID 2221657.1)

      use services in chapters 8 and 9 . 8 to get the list of pending receipt transactions and 9 to perform them. Receipt confirmation service is very flexible and not as detailed as the Receipt Interface service , and works with minimal "id" information on the payload. When the item is lot and/or serial controlled, the payload should contain the lot and serial
      numbers that were delivered and/or returned/corrected.


      ns2: StagedReceiptConfirmationLotAndSerial – This node is used to transmit the
      lot and/or serial numbers that are to be transacted in fusion receiving as part of the
      receipt confirmation line. This node has been designed to flatten the lot and serial
      hierarchy to facilitate a simpler communication between EP and fusion receiving.
      So, if you are delivering Lot “Lot1” and serials “SN001”, “SN002”, you need to
      create two rows for ns2: StagedReceiptConfirmationLotAndSerial node. In the first
      row, give “Lot1” and “SN001” and for the second row, give “Lot1” and “SN002”,
      essentially repeating the lot number in two rows.