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    Sachin Mistry
    AP Invoice Coding Approval Workflow in R13
    Topic posted January 16, 2018 by Sachin MistryGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables, Update 
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    AP Invoice Coding Approval Workflow in R13
    AP Invoice Coding Approval Workflow in R13

    We have a requirement to not trigger AP Invoice approval if only account coding is changed.

    In R13 there is new FinAPInvoiceAccountCoding( Can this work flow be used to not trigger approval in Invoice work flow if only account coding has changed on AP Invoice?

    R13 Screen Shots and R12 Screen shots attached.




    • Gopinath Kartheesan

      Never came across this new task type under FINDomain.  Probably the release notes for R13 have some reference to this new WF task.

    • Sachin Mistry

      Checked user and implementation documentation for R13, there is no note on it.

      RCD has this information.


      The Invoice Routing for Account Coding feature enables customers to route invoices to business users for entering accounting information. Invoices requiring accounting information are automatically routed to the designated users based on routing rules. With this feature, the Payables department can assign the responsibility of entering the accounting information to the appropriate business users. This feature enables customers to streamline the process of recording unmatched invoices and improve the overall efficiency of the Payables department.

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      I think this new WF will not help you to solve your requirement to not to send the Invoice for Approval if it was already approved once and accountings were changed after. Did I understood your requirement correctly? Is this for already approved invoices?

      But this, new functionality, I think can minimize the amount of those re-routings in invoice approval WF due to incorrect accountings, as invoice can be routed first to an appropriate person for providing the proper accounts.

      Anyway we have a similar requirement. And sometimes I wanted to use following field "AP_INVOICES_ALL.APPROVAL_ITERATION" (Count of times invoice has passed through the Invoice Approval Workflow process). But looks like this field is not populated... Not sure if this is obsolete field or future reserved.

      Can you please confirm what is your requirement or when exactly those Accounting changes happen? Sometimes of course those reroutings are ok, as sometimes e.g. Cost Center is changed and we want that Cost Center manager will approve it again.

      How we are doing now this?
      - If invoice was approved once already and
         - If accounting changes are related to Cost Center then we let the invoice to be rerouted for Invoice Approval
         - If accounting changes are only related to Natural Account Change or other similar non mangerial change, then we Manually Approve the invoice and add a Note on invoice.
      - We Created an Audit report to track invoices which were ONLY Manually Approved (no full cycle approval before).

      With respect

    • Sachin Mistry
      Hi Alexey, Agree that this workflow does meet our requirement. For us these are already approved and sometimes paid invoices. It is a big headache and becomes a day long thing. For po matched invoices the corresponding po also need to be withdrawn and rerouted for approval. So these would apply to both po and ap invoices! Generally accounting changes are only related to Natural Account Change. Prinarily due to AP not miscoding some project expenses. For compliance reasons, manual approval has been disabled. I can propose to business to turn manual approval on but remove the ability to manually approve from ap invoice processors and only give that privelege to vp of finance. Would love to hear some creative solutions if any that does not require role changes. Sachin
    • Prithis Das

      Folks, where can we find documentation on how to implement this new functionality: Invoice routing for account coding?

      I did not find this in the implementation guide for Payables R13 18B.



    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Hi Prithis,

      Here you can find some info on how to activate this workflow:

      This is from R13 release documentation.

      With respect

    • Prithis Das

      Alexey, thanks for the links - they were very helpful.

      For everyone's benefit, though it is not mentioned on the documents, the new BPM task is "FinApInvoiceAccountCoding".

    • Ahmed Moinudden


      Can I route AP invoice matched to a Purchase Order for a Project Managers approval? and how. I believe it is possible in R13. Would appreciate inputs.

      Thank you,





      I was able to follow the set up to enable the functionality but I am stuck in creating the BPM rule for FinApInvoiceAccountCoding

      Anyone knows of a document that can help me write the rule (IF/THEN) so that I can begin using the Account coding workflow?



    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Hi Pedro,

      If you want just to check this accounting workflow to work you can do the following.
      Modify the rule for first participant as described in the picture, then all your invoices which require Account Coding will go to Accounts Payable Supervisor (assuming you have some user with this role).

      In general this workflow doesn't differ from AP Invoice Approval workflow... you can use the same rules and conditions.

      It is then on your business logic where you want these invoices to go... e.g. Requestor on the invoice Header or somewhere else...

      With respect

    • Jyoti Sharma

      Can Invoice Coding Approval Workflow be used  for matched PO Invoices ?