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    soumyasri nimmagadda
    How to disable Bank account validations at country level
    Topic posted August 9, 2019 by soumyasri nimmagaddaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Cash Management 
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    How to disable Bank account validations at country level
    How to disable Bank account validations at country level


    We see that suddenly validation included for New Zealand 'Account Number' field and new mandatory field included as 'Account Suffix'. This is impacting our interfaces. So we want to disable the account number validation temporarily for New Zealand. Can someone suggest how can we do that ? We verified 'CE_DISABLE_BANK_VAL' profile option value but it has only site and user levels.

    Thanks in Advance!






    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      I think it is not possible on country level :(
      If this mandatory suffix is according the validation rules for New Zeland, perhaps it is really better to add it (automatically perhaps?)?


      • soumyasri nimmagadda

        Hi Alexey,

        Thank you for the update! I agree with you to follow the validation but since it is impacting our current interfaces, we thought of disabling the validation until these changes implemented in interfaces. We raised the SR also and got the update saying it is not possible to disable at country level. I wish Oracle communicate all such updates in release upgrade document (one for all relevant changes) so that customers be aware of it and uptake the changes accordingly.



    • Becky Alvarez

      Take a look at the AP Implementation Guide.  It all spelled out there clear as it can be.  I recommend you set the profile option to turn on and off for specific users so when don't want validations have the user with validations turned off do the changes and then when you do want validations have the other users with validations turned on do the work.

      You could disable for one user then you would have in place when needed and use the particular user when you don’t want to use validations.


    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Hi Becky,

      ...actually Soumya have already used this profile option setup to disable the validation and they have noticed that it can be used at user level as well...

      I think, this can be used as a workaround if you can separate integration flow based on bank account country. For manual bank account creation process maybe it is ok, only you will have to jump out of the system while entering/modifying bank account for this specific country. But if we are talking about the interfaces, then you have to be able to separate data inside the interface for different bank accounts.... Not sure if it is possible for Soumya. Perhaps, in the bank account import template you could mark these bank accounts with different batch identifier and run process only against that batch with different user...

      In the automatic integration you would need additional logic to separate bank account flows and execute bank account creation process using different users for different bank accounts.....Possible, but would require additional logic. Also on working on the screen with these bank accounts would require changing the user as changes wouldnt be allowed if validation is on...