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    Question/Answer Format
    Topic posted February 25, 2009 by bbenscoter , last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Question/Answer Format

    Hi, I would like to remove the Question field all together, and change the title of the Answer field.


    Unfortunately, I cannot figure out where/how to make these modifications.


    Thank you



    • Christopher Tarabochia



      It depends on what page(s) and site you are refering to. If you are new to Customer Portal, I would recommend downloading the "Developer Training" material first. This walks you through how to setup Dreamweaver, WebDAV, and access the pages on your site.


      Here is the URL to getting you started:


      Go to your specific version of Customer Portal on the left navigation. Go to Documentation and download "Developer Training". The first 3 lesson slide decks will walk you through and get you setup.





    • bbenscoter

      Thanks for the response.


      However, I don't know what month I'm running of the Customer Portal, and most of my knowledge base is already implemented.


      I was just looking for which file in the File Manager needs to be modified really.


      Thank you

    • Christopher Tarabochia

      Because CP is a new Framework it does not use the File Manager. Instead it uses the open standard of WebDAV. If you download the above material or the CP User Manual it walks you through accessing your site, setting persmissions, etc for edit files. That way you can use any editor you wish to edit the text files.


      Hope this helps.



    • bbenscoter

      No, not solved.


      I guess I'm just in the wrong place.  Where does one post questions that relate to just the RNT application, and not a specific feature such as Customer Portal?

    • Ernie Turner
      I think you probably want to post in the Customer Forum, maybe under 'General Product Discussion'.
    • DustinTuft

      We do the same thing in our KB, but not for all answers. We use a custom answer field that controls the out put type, then based on that the end user pages will change out the titles, or remove the question field all together.


      I supect you could remove the question field from the Admin console by editing the Workspace for it, but you still need to deal with the end user pages so the end user will see the article as you would like it to be display. How ever, I have not found a way to alter the Admin console preview function. So that will still show the RNT style Question and Answer.