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    Excel BIP Template - How to create a dynamic image...
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Cblocklin Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Reporting 
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    Excel BIP Template - How to create a dynamic image placeholder
    Need instructions for creating a dynamic logo within a BIP template

    We have many RTFs with dynamic logos on them, but we are now building a similar template using an Excel BIP template.  So, in our RTP - our alt-text field for the logo placeholder contains the following:


    Now, we need the same thing in the Excel template.  I followed the exact same steps and populated the alt text for the image with that same string, but it is still not pulling in any image onto the generated Excel document.  

    Has anyone been able to make this work?

    5.6.3 (EBS 12.2.7)



    • Rithwik

      Where are the images in the Excel?
      * You need to set a couple of properties to allow use to access them and you need to be connected to the network to get the images.


      Base image URI html-image-baseuri Base URI which is inserted into the src attribute of the image tag before the image file name. This works only when the image is embedded in the template.
      Image file directory html-image-dir Enter the directory for XML Publisher to store the image files that are embedded in the template.

      With standalone the Excel output is actually MHTML where we can embed the images directly in the HTML file so you don’t need the properties set.

      In the “Web” Tab of the the image properties.
      Paste an image in the template where you would like your image to be displayed in the output. Double click the image. In the “Web” Tab of the the image properties write this:


      where CP_IMAGE_LOC contains your unix directory path where my logo.gif file resides. CP_IMAGE_LOC is a placeholder in your rdf and hence is part of my XML output.
      OR you can set the like this:


      Our Excel is not true Excel and it has a limited set of functionality but for many users its enough just to get the data out into Excel.


      • Cblocklin

        Thanks Rithwik.  I don't have a "Web" tab for my image properties.  My Excel version is Excel 2013.  I've pasted an image in the Excel template as suggested.  When I double-click on the image, a "Format Picture" box opens on the right.  Under "Size & Properties", under "Alt Text", I've updated Description to the following:


        I've confirmed $OA_MEDIA is set properly, and the path / image is correct.

        When I run the concurrent program, the Excel is correctly generated, but the image is not pulled in, but the original image I pasted in the template is still there.

        Am I missing something?

        • Rithwik

          Did u tried running by the direct path and what does it shows? is it working.

          try this 





          let me know how it went

          • Cblocklin

            Thanks for the idea.  I just tried putting the full path to the image in the "Alt Text" box as follows:



            I then uploaded that template and tried again.  It still does not pull the image in - just leaves the blank image there.  Checking the bursted Excel document, it shows the same value still in the "Alt Text" box.  To confirm - I also did double-check to see if that is the correct path / file name and the file exists with proper permissions (which it should since the Word template is still pulling the logo image in correctly.


    • Rithwik

      Or best Solution is call it from subtemplate which resolves