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    Alex Andreadis
    SQL editor for Oracle BI
    Topic posted November 28, 2016 by Alex AndreadisRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, BI Publisher Data Models, Data Models, Fusion, OBI Answers 
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    SQL editor for Oracle BI
    What tools are people using to edit SQL in Oracle BI?

    Hi, as per title, I'm wondering what everyone is using to edit SQL in Oracle BI? Eg. for data model SQL.

    The window Oracle provides is small, non resizable and times out frequently, so I try to avoid it, using something like notepad or notepad++ to edit the SQL, then copy/paste into the Oracle BI window so I can hit OK and view the data output.

    Something that connects to the Oracle HCM Fusion database would be ideal (though we don't have access to that), but the next best thing would be like a Toad type utility that can at least format (using colour coding for brackets etc) and checking of syntax, in a full window.

    So what are other people using for this?




    • JF Carpentier

      Hello Alex,

      Unfortunately I don't believe there are any side-tools other than text editors that can connect to the OBI layer in this manner, generally Oracle is very selective as to what applications they allow to touch the actual RPD/Data model.

      From my experience, Notepad++ and Textpad tend to be the most popular tools due to their handling/coloring of SQL syntax.

      For my work, I usually use Notepad++ with SQL plugins from their repository.


      Thank you,

      -JF Carpentier




    • Antony Hooper

      I've not found anything better than Notepad++

    • Neil Peacock

      I go between Oracles SQL Developer and Notepad++ however I have not managed to get the developer to link to the system. The format option works well on SQL Developer to restructure the text. This uses colours for key words and highlights a companion bracket when you select it.