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    [Planned Idea][18B] Bulk Loader for Manager Hierarchy
    Idea posted March 8, 2017 by Manoj CheruvathoorBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited July 14, 2020 by Julio Marquez ORACLEBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Control Center, Learning, Public Sector, Reporting, Users 
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    [Planned Idea][18B] Bulk Loader for Manager Hierarchy
    would be easy to load employee - manager hierarchy using bulk loader, when migrating to Learn.
    [18B] Bulk Loader for Manager Hierarchy
    Use Case and Business Need:


    It would be great to have a Bulk Loader to load the employee manager hierarchy. The advantage to this would be many fold

    1. while implementing Taleo Learn for the first time it would be really easy to get the employee manager relationship in place.
    2. If the organisation is using a non oracle HR system, then we can schedule the bulk loader to run every day and pick up the file from SFTP folder so the HR system can place the file in SFTP folder.
    3. This will will keep the HR System and Learn Systems in sync.



    Planned Idea



    • Jim Poisson, PMP

      The User API will be another option when it becomes available to all clients.  It's not a Bulk Loader, which is a real good idea, but might be better suited for ongoing updates than a Bulk Loader.

    • Manoj Cheruvathoor

      hi Jim,

      we are a government organization, we have issues opening our network to API's. Which is why the Bulk Loader will be a better tool for us. Since we would need to go through additional IT audit enable API, that why the SFTP option with Bulk is such a good proposition for us. I think a lot government agencies may have a similar need.


      • Jim Poisson, PMP

        Understood and a bulk loader for establishing Supervisor relationships is something we are looking to deliver.