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    Jeff Shervey
    Fusion Expenses Mobile (Cloud ERP) - SSO login from...
    Topic posted January 23, 2017 by Jeff SherveyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited February 23, 2018 
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    Fusion Expenses Mobile (Cloud ERP) - SSO login from IOS or Android App?
    Fusion Expenses Mobile (Cloud ERP) - SSO login from IOS or Android App?

    We are using Fusion Cloud ERP.  Cant seem to find any info on the 2 URLs when launching Expenses Mobile app...   "Enter STS URL" and "Enter host url".   We can login via the "Enter host url" via a local login and it works.  But we are SSO enabled in regards to Fusion ERP Cloud.  So we want to access mobile Expenses via our company SSO ADFS login integrated with Oracle Cloud OIM.   Like we do via the browser login to Cloud ERP.

    Does mobile expenses support Fusion ERP Cloud SSO?

    Jeff Shervey



    • Chris Muir

      Hi Jeff, this forum covers Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, not all Oracle mobile products.  Not that I'm familiar with Fusion Expenses Mobile (Cloud ERP), but I suggest your question would be better targetted at one of the Fusion apps forums on OTN.



    • Michelle Kemp

      Hi Jeff

      Did you find an answer for this? We are currently having the same issue.



    • Srinivas Merugu

      Hi there,

      Try /SSO at the end of your host URL and in STS try SSO URL


      Host URL:

      SSO URL:     ( This is our OAM where SSO is enabled)



    • uthuman saribu

      If the customer enables VPN to the Fusion Cloud, what options are available for Fusion Mobile Expenses for authentication?.

    • Shankar Nurani

      Hi Srini,

      Does the App works for you with the Host URL (iExpense login) and SSO URL (the EBS access gate) ? We are trying to implement the same however after entering the details the OAM Authentication page doesn't open itself from Apps. Though on the safari browser the end to end login through SSO to DMZ iExpense works fine.

      Please let me know if you have any advise on this.



    • Jeff Shervey

      For Mobile Expenses - SSO is only supported through STS (secure token service)

      Mobile Fusion expenses needs this setup to use SSO:

      Search in Metalink for this doc:   (21 PDF pages)


      It works easily if using a mobile expenses with "local user" (non-SSO) account - good for up-front initial testing.

      On phone:

      STS URL: <blank> - note empty

      host url: https://<yourURL>

      Then use ERP Cloud local login and password.

    • Srinivas Merugu

      Hi Shankar,

      Yes its working fine.


      Srinivas Merugu

    • Rohit X Jain

      Please let me know what was done to make it work? Any reference to a document will be a great help.



    • Deborah Pegram

      Hi Rohit,

      Please review

      Steps to Log into Fusion Expenses Using Mobile App when SSO (Single Sign On) is enabled (Doc ID 2302858.1) in MOS

      if references

      How To Install End Point URL SSL Certificates In Default Fusion Truststore (Doc ID 2120300.1)