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    Andy Gough
    OTBI Dashboards for AP and AR Aging
    Topic posted July 9, 2015 by Andy GoughBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables, Receivables, Reports 
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    OTBI Dashboards for AP and AR Aging
    Graphical dashboards with summary aging of AP and AR debt, with drill-down to invoice details

    These dashboards provide a graphical summary of AP/AR debt with drill to invoice details.

    They are intended as a starting point, from which you can build your own deployable reports and dashboards.

    Please see the attached screenshots and instructions on how to deploy in your environment.

    These reports were built at R9 but should work with later releases




    • Helen Yu

      Thanks so much Andy.

      That's very helpful.

      I might reach out to you when I have issue.

    • Jairo Rojas Mendez

      Thanks so much Andy.

    • Diego Sanchez

      Hi Guys,

      Someone have tryied to take this OTBI Report (AR Aging) and include as parameter "As Date" to get the picture of the debt in the past?, I think it´s possible, what do you think?

      I really appreciate your inputs.