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    Prasath Chandra Sekaran
    Process CAMT053 V2 xml file with Oracle AR Fusion ERP Cloud
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by Prasath Chandra SekaranRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cash Management, Receivables 
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    Process CAMT053 V2 xml file with Oracle AR Fusion ERP Cloud

    We receive a CAMT053 V2 from bank in OIC to send to cash management and Account receivables. 

    For Cash management in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, there is no problem where it accepts CAMT053 V2 file as it is .

    But for AR Receipts, it seems that Fusion(Process receipts through Lockerbox) dont accept CAMT053 file and we have to pick only +ve transactions (credits) and convert into csv and send to Fusion. 

    Is there any alternative way to generate receipts from CAMT053 xml file ? Do we need to send only csv file to fusion AR or is there any way to load CAMT053 xml file into AR receipts Oracle Fusion ERP? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Patruni Suresh

      The CAMT053 bank statements processing is supported in Cash Management. The lockbox receipt creation is a separate process. Lockbox is processed through separate control files.