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    Creating an Existing Party as a Supplier
    Topic posted April 25, 2019 by Piyush SinghSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Import, Supplier Creation, Tip 
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    Creating an Existing Party as a Supplier
    How to establish a supplier relationship for an existing party

    In today’s competitive business environment, organizations must continuously strive to optimize business flow efficiency and operate more strategically.  One opportunity is for smarter modeling of trading relationships with key business partners to gain better visibility and business insight into these relationships.  This is achieved in Oracle Cloud by creating multiple relationships with the same company, for example, a banking provider that is also a customer or, a customer that also serves as a strategic supplier providing goods or services.  These represent different business relationships with a single enterprise, which can be managed from both the supplier and customer master by leveraging a single shared party profile record.

    You can establishing a supplier relationship with an existing party either using Data Quality Management or using Supplier Import process. Following is a brief on the usages of these approaches.

    1. Data Quality Management (DQM): DQM is a preventive mechanism empowering users such that they do not create duplicate parties identified as parties with similar names. DQM does not rely on exact match of the name (depending upon the configuration) to list out the potential duplicates therefore is very effective in preventing duplicate parties in the application.
    2. Establishing supplier relationship using supplier import: When user knows the party that he or she has to create as a supplier, then this approach will be more effective. Following this approach, user saves time required to review all the potential matches as well as avoids any mistake in form of picking up incorrect party for supplier relationship establishment.

    *Details on Data Quality Management will be covered in another post.

    If you know the exact party that you want to create as a supplier, use the supplier import capability to achieve the same. Following are the steps you need to follow when creating supplier from an existing party (customer in the example below).

    1. Find the Registry ID of the customer from the Manage Customers task.


    2. Use this Registry ID and the Organization Name to create a supplier relationship for this customer using the supplier import process. Populate the FBDI template for Supplier Import as shown in the screen shot below.


    Points to consider when using Registry ID in the template:

    1. Provide Registry ID only for the import action ‘Create’.
    2. Organization Name must be entered exactly as the Supplier Name. If not, the record will be rejected.
    3. Complete the supplier import process (generate csv > load file to interface > run supplier import job).
    4. After the import process completes successfully, search for this supplier, and review the registry ID along with the Relationships of the supplier.


    Additional reference:

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