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    santhosh xavier
    Accessing OPA through webservices and implement that in...
    Topic posted June 10, 2015 by santhosh xavierBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited June 11, 2015 
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    Accessing OPA through webservices and implement that in RightNow

    How easy it is to access OPA web determination using webservices and present the questions inside a rightnow page preferably through widgets without the use of iFrames.

    if there are any samples out there that I can follow.?

    The custom OPA widget mentioned in this documentation uses iFrames



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    • Davin Fifield

      It depends what you are trying to do.


      The Assess Service is a SOAP web service that accepts data and turns richly structured responses, which you can then use to drive widget logic or render answers however you wish. You will need to decide what RightNow data to pass to the service, and what to do with the returned results.


      The Interview Service is a SOAP web service that maintains interview session state for you, and manages the logic of which screens should be shown next etc. You need to render the complete screens yourself based on the metadata returned, and handle any data submission logic using the provided data structures. Data is not loaded from or saved to RightNow, even if a mapping is specified for the interview.