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    Susan Attar
    See What's New in Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud for 19.06
    Topic posted June 11, 2019 by Susan AttarBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Deferred Tax, Tax Account Rollforward, Tax Provision 
    See What's New in Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud for 19.06
    Read about the new features in the What's New document for Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Release 19.06

    The following features are available for Tax Reporting Cloud in Release 19.06:

    • National and Regional Detailed Tax Losses and Credits - Tax Losses and Credits provide a mechanism that enables business entities to carry forward tax losses and credits to offset future taxable income and/or tax liability.  Losses and credits are captured on the detailed Tax Losses and Tax Credits forms and are detailed by the year originated and the year of expiration.  The detailed Tax Loss and Credit forms are now integrated with the current provision and temporary difference forms.
    • Rollover Process Includes Entity Hierarchies Outside FCCS_Total Geography - The Rollover process now includes entities outside of the FCCS_Total Geography hierarchy.

    Read about all the new features in the What`s New 19.06 June 2019.