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    Dev Aditya
    External Chat API calls on chat_landing page of Oracle...
    Topic posted August 20, 2019 by Dev AdityaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    External Chat API calls on chat_landing page of Oracle service cloud
    Hi experts We have a requirement in which we need to initiate external application's chat on chat_landing page of Oracle Service Cloud So, scenario will be like- chat is initiated in Rightnow, when agent wants to route the the chat to external system, he must have a button on workspace, that will terminate Rightnow chat and initiate external system chat at customer's end(chat_landing page). i. e. On click of button in agent console, chat APIs should be triggered at chat_landing page. Do we have any technically feasible solution to trigger external chat API, without any manual intervention of end user. Please help. Thanks, Dev



    • Jessica Bradley

      Hi Dev,

      I've checked with my chat developers and we are not aware of anything within our Chat APIs that would route a chat to another external system. There is an add-in on the console side that allows a .NET client to use the UQ SOAP API, which would give you the ability to route an engagement to another agent or to another queue, but not to an external system/application.

    • Dev Aditya

      Thanks Jessica! I am aware that Oracle Service Cloud does not provide any such API, however, my idea is to use chat_landing page as a platform to call external system chat API. i.e. setup completely custom chat environment on chat_landing page, that will be triggered on conclusion of Rightnow chat and connect the currently chatting customer with new system .

      I tried to call chat session ID of one OSvC system on chat_landing page of another OSvC instance, and I was able to get the response. So, we can built custom UI on the page.

      Does this sound feasible?




    • Narendra Muttineni

      Hi Aditya,

      Were you able to achieve this? I have similar requirement. Agents want to transfer chat to another OSVC instance. Is this feasible ?




      • JustRhianna

        I have some ideas on how this could be accomplished.

        None are very elegant though. One involves a standard text that can build a parametrized url that points to the other instance. The customer would have to click on it to initiate the "transfer"