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    Wim Bos
    How to enforce every item requires a primary supplier...
    Topic posted December 22, 2018 by Wim BosBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Product Hub 
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    How to enforce every item requires a primary supplier association?
    How to enforce every item requires a primary supplier association?

    Looking for a solution to make certain all items assigned to a specific organization have a supplier association defined which is marked as primary.

    Creation of an item without primary supplier association should be blocked, as well unchecking the primary flag without making another supplier association as primary for any specific item. Adding an additional non-primary supplier association or switching primary association should be allowed (as the end result remains with a primary supplier association)

    r13 u18c



    • Sandip Roy

      Please review the 'Defining Product Rules' chapter.

    • Shailesh Pradhan

      Create a new validation rule for Item class and association type as Supplier.

    • Rohit Mathur

      Hi Wim,

      You can use try using the following rule:

      If Expression: !IsNull(Item.Main.[Item Description])
      Validation Condition: exists( [Supplier].[Intersection Primary].[Primary Supplier] == 'Y')

      Please note that this rule will run every time an item is created or saved.

      Do let me know if this helps.



      • Wim Bos

        Hello everybody,


        We tested the rule that Rohit mentioned and it works.


        There was a slight change we had to make in order for it to only trigger at the Item Master organization and not all organizations.

        In the Primary IF condition, we used Item.[Item Basic).[Organization Code] == “IM”


        Many thanx,