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    Kim Hall
    Smart View and VBA and submitting data
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Kim HallGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Reporting 
    Smart View and VBA and submitting data
    Submit data sheet using VBA filled worksheet

    Helllllloooooooo world

    We are using HFM on prem - SmartView (Bbd 149)

    I built a data input worksheet in Excel 2016 and used VBA to feed about 10 worksheets - click a button and whaaaaalaaa all sheet are filled with exactly the same information! It is a REALLY easy VBA macro [see example below]. Then I can then refresh all the sheets using: sts = HypMenuVRefreshAll() - works like a charm.

    BUUUUUTTTT, when I try to submit the data from one of the tabs updated by the macro, it gives me an error "Invalid Cell Type". Here is the code that fills the sheet:

    'Sheets("HFM Data Load").Select
    Sheets("HFM Data Load").Range("B3:C3").Value = Sheets("data input").Range("F14")
    Sheets("HFM Data Load").Range("B2:C2").Value = Sheets("data input").Range("E15")

    If I manually change the numbers (with NO other edits) the submit works.  I have check the cell type on the source tab and they are numeric. . .

    What gives????

    THANK you for your help!









    SmartView (Bbd 149)
    Code Snippet: