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    Hong Gao
    Supplier Portal Security - Which
    Topic posted December 22, 2017 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Security, Supplier User Account, Tip 
    Supplier Portal Security - Which
    Which set of data can supplier users see in Supplier Portal?

    This is determined by supplier user data access.

    While managing supplier contact user account, alongside the Roles tab, there is a Data Access tab.  The Restrict Access To field determines which set of documents a supplier user can access in Supplier Portal.  Supplier data security supports two data access levels to control which transactions supplier users can access in Supplier Portal:

    • Supplier level data access allows the supplier user to access all transaction documents that belong to the supplier for which the supplier user is associated with.

    • Supplier site level data access limits the supplier user to access only the transaction documents that contain the specific supplier sites for which the user has been granted access to. 

    TIP: Data access controls the transaction access for supplier portal users. Since data access definition can expand to parent-child relationship, user with proper data access can see transactions from child suppliers.  For supplier profile, users with Supplier Self Service Administrator job role can only manage profile for their own company.