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    Nithin Mathew
    Design Mapping Between Inventory and WMS Cloud
    Topic posted September 5, 2019 by Nithin Mathew 
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    Design Mapping Between Inventory and WMS Cloud
    Design Mapping Between Inventory and WMS Cloud

    Hi folks,

    Our client plans to use both Inventory cloud as well as WMS cloud for various activities. Let us say in Fusion, there is a single inventory org 'ABC' which has 3 subinventories such as PQ, RS and ST of subinventory type Storage. PQ has 2 locators X and Y. RS has 1 locator D and ST has 3 locators L,M and N.

    How can this design be configured in WMS Cloud.





    • Prasanna Panchapakesan

      Hi Nithin,

      When we have both Inventory and WMS Cloud, It is recommended to use WMS for all the execution and Inventory Cloud for the following purpose

      1. Costing & Accounting

      2. Planning  (Linked with Material status)

      3. Reservation (Linked with Material status)

      For Stock accuracy, we always need to rely on Oracle WMS Cloud. 

      So, From an Inventory perspective, we need to map the WMS Stock locator (lock code) to Inventory subinventory Material status.

      This way we can ensure that we can use Inventory cloud for the meant functions. We should not maintain the stock in Inventory cloud at locator level and that can be tracked only in WMS.

      Hope it helps.

      Thanks and Regards




      • Nithin Mathew

        Hi Prasanna,

        Thanks a lot for the response.

        So, my understanding is that the mapping can be achieved in the following manner in the current business scenario:-

        1. Inventory Org in Inventory <-> Facility in WMS

        2. Locators (row, rack, bin combination) in Inventory <->  Locations in WMS

        3. Subinventory Material status in Inventory <-> Lock codes in WMS




        • Shailesh Dubey

          Hi Nithin and Prassana, 

          I want to understand the practical use of modelling Subinventory as Location Lock codes. Because in none of the outbound export files, the location lock codes are not exposed.