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    Francisco Oros
    What kind of role I need to use, in order to be able to...
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by Francisco Oros 
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    What kind of role I need to use, in order to be able to write notes in an ORACLE CLOUD Demand Planning Collaboration
    I have some users than need to write notes into a Demand Planning Collaboration, but the role that I am using doesn't let do it. Do you know the name of this role?



    • Sandip Roy

      Which Release are you on and do you have seeded roles like Demand Planner or Materials Planner? If yes and still you don't see, please try the below:

      Please follow the below steps to enable Create/Manage Notes functionality:
      1) Navigate to Material Plan
      2) Click View > Show Notes
      3) You should now be able to Create Note.

      • Francisco Oros

        In my case, we are using Demand Planner, with the release 19C (almost 19D).

        The fact is I have some users with planner role activated and they are able to create and see notes. By other hand, I have commercial users than can't create notes.

        The steps you have commented are similar?

        • Francisco Oros

          I tried to follow your suggestions, and in the Click View is activated as Show Notes.

          But, when I tried to create a note, the system only show a window with option to Save and Close or Cancel, but it doesn´t allow to write anything.