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    Yaniel Delgado
    Administrator Access Configuration
    Topic posted September 6, 2018 by Yaniel DelgadoGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Workforce 
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    Administrator Access Configuration


    Is there a way that we can have an Administrator or User who can import data but that we can also restrict his/her access to export data? 

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    Oracle EPBCS
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    • Mark Rinaldi

      Unfortunately, no, we don't have any access permissions or roles to limit data export for users with access to an application.  You could post this on the Idea Lab to see if others in the community also want this functionality (via voting thumbs up/down).  At that point, you can all jointly log enhancement requests for that feature.

      • Yaniel Delgado

        Thanks Mark!

        Now, can we create different administrators for specific cubes? For example, one administrator that can see and edit the dimensions for only one cube, and have multiple administrators like those with the same access for just their respective cubes, like one for Capital, one for Workforce?

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