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    Dorothy Perez
    Access Contact Record through Embedded Internal Application...
    Topic posted July 17, 2018 by Dorothy PerezGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Access Contact Record through Embedded Internal Application within CRM

    I am looking for a good reference article on how to set this up. We've got an in-house tool called Ben Admin. Ben Admin contains information about our Service Cloud contact records that is not already in CRM. Basically it's just additional information about our contacts. Currently our representatives open CRM and they open Ben Admin. They have to search for a contact in both systems to be able to answer questions.  I've figured out how to embed the Ben Admin tool on a tab within the Contact's CRM record so the representative only needs to open one application.

    What I'm stuck on though is when clicking on the Tab that contains the URL for the Ben Admin tool from within a specific contact record, we'd like the information about the same contact record in Ben Admin to appear. All it currently does is prompt the representative to log into Ben Admin from within the CRM tab. They can do this, but still end up searching for the contact record. 

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set this up so when you open a specific contact record in CRM and then click on the Ben Admin tab, you are taken directly to the same contacts information in Ben Admin - no need to log in or search for the contact?

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    • Carl Elliott

      If Ben Admin allows you to pass a variable in the URL to pull up the contact that would be the easiest way but that is also the most un-secure.  

      A better solution would be to do some development to go and get the information from Ben Admin using an API (if they have one available).  Would take some development. 

    • Dorothy Perez

      I'll check with the development team. I believe there is an API. Will go with option 2. Thanks.