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    Print DFFs on buyers PDF
    Topic posted July 28, 2019 by OSC UserRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Customization, Negotiation Creation, Negotiation Management 
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    Print DFFs on buyers PDF
    Printing descriptive flex fields on buyers PDF


    We would like to print DFFs on the cluses part of the byuers PDF.

    Is it possible?



    • Nishanth B Jain


      There is no data model access for negotiations.

      Attached sample xml files, from which you can print any tag in the pdf.

    • OSC User

      thanks again for your help.

      I queried the table PON_AUCTION_HEADERS_ALL and looks like attribute_timestamp1-4 has what i want to print.

      These are there in the XML file also, but not available as variables when i try to insert in the clauses.

      will need to some more reading 

    • OSC User

      i do see the XML tags in the file you sent me. Does that mean those tags, I can use? How do i use it?

      Can you please point me to some document?

      • Nishanth B Jain

        For sourcing PDF's these are the xml's used. it have multiple xml's like Request,Response, Buyer view, Supplier view..etc.

        You need to chose right xml according to your need whether its RFQ or RFI.

        Download standard RTF from the catalog in the instance and customize it by using corresponding xml

        You can add only these tags which are available in this xml. It means for Negotiation data model is not available for customization.

        We need to use oracle supplied xml's for our customization.

    • OSC User

      thanks for your response as always. Actually we want to modify the contract terms which gets printed towards the end of the PDF and is not part of this XML probably.