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    Generate Shipment for partially reserved units
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by VJRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Internal Material Transfer, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Generate Shipment for partially reserved units
    Partial reservation

    Hi - Our client is looking to interface partially available quantity through outbound request to WMS - 'Generate Shipment process'

    We are in 18C and do not have this functionality available and we know it is in Oracle's roadmap.  The question is would this be available in 19A or post that?

    Appreciate your inputs in this regard.




    • Lynn Warneka

      It's not available in 19A.   It's on the roadmap (as you have mentioned).  

    • VJ

      Thanks Lynn;  The main requirement of our client is to partially ship and also not to have any hard reservation in ERP; 

      Currently we have hard reservation (through Pick release) in ERP and is preventing us from interfacing from WMS/ 3PL any subinventory transfer or any misc. transaction (as the avl. quantity is hard reserved against the sales order or Transfer order);

      Any way to find when this functionality would be available or are there any suggested workaround until we have this functionality in place?

      Appreciate your inputs;