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    Shae Huyser
    Incident Forward - Responses from FWD Recipient now updating...
    Topic posted March 15, 2018 by Shae HuyserGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Incident Forward - Responses from FWD Recipient now updating original Incident

    We recently upgraded OSC to August 2017.  Previous Version was May 2016.  What we've noticed is that now when we use the Forward Incident to send a copy of an Incident's details to a non-OSC user, and that non-OSC user replies to the email they receive - the reply is now updating the original Incident.  Before our Upgrade, the responses were creating a new Incident.  Is this new functionality with the upgraded version of OSC?  And is there a way to revert back to having the reply create a new Incident?

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