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    Tiina Pajulampi
    "My Team" results don't include my entire...
    Topic posted April 26, 2019 by Tiina PajulampiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited April 26, 2019, tagged OBIEE Answers, Reporting and Analytics 
    "My Team" results don't include my entire organization
    How do I return data for everyone in my organization?

    The predefined reports/tiles for "My Team*" only returns data for the level immediate below me, not sub-levels.  I.e. I'm a sales manager (or sales exec), in my organization hierarchy, I have two direct reports beneath me, and they in turn each have teams.  In my analysis, I want to return information, e.g. revenue, for my entire organization.  However, the filter by the predefined reports only return information for the two direct reports, and not the level below them.  The analysis uses this filter:

    "User Organization Hierarchy Based Login is equal to / is in  @{NQ_SESSION.USER_PARTY_ID}"

     How can I return data for everyone in my organization?

    Thank you!


    OEC 19A, OBIEE