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    Judy Hamner
    Notification of invalid email address in PO Communication
    Topic posted February 13, 2019 by Judy HamnerSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Notifications, Orders, Supplier Communication 
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    Notification of invalid email address in PO Communication
    If a Supplier profile has an invalid email address and the PO is sent to that email, how can we identify that the PO was not successfully sent/received?

    We receive notification emails when POs are implemented.  However, if it is sent to an invalid email address (incorrectly entered on the Supplier Profile), where can we identify this rejection?  If a PO is not received by a supplier, we currently have no way to identify this situation.  It seems that there should be a notification at some point in the transmission that the email wasn't delivered successfully. 





    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Judy,

      If i am not wrong the buyer on the PO gets a notification if the supplier address is incorrect and if the system is unable to transmit the PO. can you test this by adding a incorrect email in the supplier and try sending the PO. There is a profile option PO_FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS that needs to be setup with value as "BUYER".    Once it is set if there is any delivery email failure then it will send email to sender       

      Refer Oracle note: PO Communication Failure Notification When Supplier Has Wrong Email Address (Doc ID 2194579.1) .

      Hope that helps!!



      • Judy Hamner


        We have the configuration set as you have noted.  Also set the email for the supplier communication to be abc@email.com.  Received an email to the buyer that the PO was implemented.  There was nothing indicating that the PO was rejected due to an invalid email address. 

        Everything shows that it was successful.



        • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

          Hi Judy,

          It is working for me. See below the message i got in my inbox that the email was not delivered for PO. Note that the buyer should have a valid email id attached in employee profile/ User profile  and the email will be sent to the email inbox and not to the bell notification.



          • Judy Hamner

            Is there any other configuration that I might be missing?  The buyer has a valid email id and we are getting notifications that orders are implemented to that email id.  The only notifications we seem to be getting are coming from the approval workflow (BPM) indicating that the orders have been implemented (approved).  

            We have a buyer that is used for all of our POs so that the email address that sends our POs is the same for everyone.  I just noticed that this user is set up as a contingent worker and not an employee.  Also, they have a custom Buyer role and not the delivered Buyer role.  Would any of that make a difference?  

            • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

              Yes try it with regular employee role and regular full time worker and see if it works. it should work as expected.

              Else log an SR with Oracle.

              • Judy Hamner

                Ramesh - I tested with a full time worker set with the Buyer role.  Still did not receive a notification that looks like the error you are receiving when  testing.  I will open an SR with Oracle on Monday.


    • Minna Muikku

      In that profile option, if you choose "buyer", doesn't that mean that it is sent from the buyer's address?

      Description"Purchasing document e-mail sender address."


      If the profile value is set to "automatic", what is the sender address then?



    • Ted Chappell

      Hi Judy,

      We have a 3rd party bolt-on for Oracle Cloud that solves this problem:


      Ted Chappell
      Director of Product Management, STR Software
      phone: 804.897.1600 x 180 | fax: 804.897.1638
      11505 Allecingie Parkway, Richmond, VA 23235
      time zone: United States/Eastern 


    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Setting the Purchasing Document Email Sender: Critical Choices

      Use the Purchase Order Email Sender profile option to set up the email sender for purchasing documents sent to suppliers.As an administrator you can set up the profile option using the Manage Administrator Profile Values page. To configure the profile option:In the Setup and Maintenance work area, click the Tasks tab and select Search.Search for and open the Manage Administrator Profile Values task.

      On the Manage Administrator Profile Values page, in the Application drop-down list, select Purchasing. Then click Search.

      In the Search Results, open the PO_FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS profile option code.

      You can configure the profile option at the site level only. In the Profile Values section select one of the values: Buyer or Automatic.

      Buyer is the default value. The buyer's electronic mail address is used to send purchasing documents to the supplier. The supplier can reply to the buyer's electronic mail address, rather than a system-generated one which does not accept any reply.

      If you select this value, the system-generated electronic mail address is used to send purchasing documents to the supplier. The system-generated electronic mail address does not accept any reply. You might choose this value if, for example, your supplier's email system filters out the buyer emails.  

    • Mohanish Mahajan

      Hi Judy, Ramesh,

      I spent some time testing this and observed that a notification for email delivery failure is sent to buyer if the domain name of the email address is incorrect. However if the domain name is a valid email server but the receipt name is invalid then there is no notification generated. For example - 

      InvalidRecipient@validdomain.com - buyer get no notification

      anything@invaliddomain.com - .Buyer receives a notification.

      This was my observation, not sure if that is the intended behavior in Oracle.



    • Anne Nunn