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    Bruno Aun
    Survey submission trigger to POST to web service
    Topic posted October 4, 2019 by Bruno AunBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Survey submission trigger to POST to web service
    How to fire an event at survey completion, to POST the results to web service

    Hello everyone

    Is there a way to fire an event at survey completion/submission so that the survey results may be posted to a SOAP or REST service endpoint on the fly?

    Any hints / directions would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I guess this would be an external website as you otherwise wouldn't need API.
      There is to my knowledge no such function OOB but you could do this through a CPM.
      The CPM could be called from the advanced survey designer flow

      • Bruno Aun

        Thanks Sebastiaan

        Yes, it's an external site.
        It's good just to have an idea where to start the researching process...

        Do you happen to know any more specific documentation for this particular procedure?

        thanks in advance!